Welcome to Seed Protocol

Seed Protocol allows you to create seeds of content that grow organically as the world evolves around them. These seeds last forever, but everything else changes. It is open source, minimal, and compatible with anything. It's designed to be a foundation for a new kind of content ecosystem.

The Essence of Seed Protocol

At the heart of Seed Protocol is the unique concept of a Seed. A Seed serves as the immutable identifier for your content, existing as a hash on the Ethereum network. This hash represents not the content itself but the intent behind it—whether that be a post, an image, or any form of digital expression. The beauty of a Seed lies in its permanence; as long as the Ethereum network thrives, so does your content's footprint.

Expanding Content Through Versions

Content within Seed Protocol is dynamic, thanks to Versions. Each Seed can spawn multiple Versions, with the most recent submission to the Ethereum attestation service considered the canonical one. These Versions allow content to evolve over time while maintaining a traceable lineage back to its original Seed. Content consumption is primarily tied to these Versions, where the actual consumable content resides.

The Power of Attestations

Attestations are the building blocks of content within the Seed Protocol. They provide a flexible framework for assembling content, ranging from titles and body text to authorship and beyond. Attestations link back to Versions, creating a structured yet dynamic ecosystem of content that is both permanent and easily discoverable.

Participatory Ecosystem

Seed Protocol is designed with openness at its core. Anyone can contribute by adding new Versions to Seeds or by contributing attestations to enrich existing Versions. This participatory approach ensures a diverse and vibrant content ecosystem that grows organically over time.

Creating with Seed Protocol

Imagine wanting to publish a blog post through Seed Protocol. The process involves breaking down the post into a series of attestations linked to a Seed and its Version(s). This method ensures that your content is not only preserved indefinitely but also remains accessible and relevant through the evolving landscape of the Ethereum network.

Dive Deeper

We invite you to explore the Seed Protocol further through our documentation. Whether you're a content creator looking to make your mark on the blockchain, a developer interested in contributing to the protocol, or simply curious about the future of content permanence and discoverability, you'll find a wealth of information and resources at your fingertips.

Welcome to the Seed Protocol community—where your content lives forever.